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Digital Toolkit 2 days

the course offers a fundamental guide for digital communication in 2019 and covers elements of conversion optimization, UX principles applied to digital content, and the Lean method for scalability. The cours also presents 3to 4 tools an how to use them.

More on Content:
we go through the basics of conversion optimization and A/B testing as a method for optimizing digital content. We focus on practical tools (from Analytics to Optimizely, and many more) and how they can be used to increase your campaign performance.
Participants apply knowledge to a case and design relevant testsfor a given project. The second part of the course dives into UX Design and some of the main tools for prototyping (i.e. Principle, or Adobe Experience Design), to learn how to shape a digital product and perform usability tests. One we’ve learned the tools, we add Lean. This is a methodology that can be used in digital advertising to scale things up quickly.

COMING in January 2020