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One Show 2017. Social Brief  “Partners for Peace”, promosso da PartnersGlobal e TOMS.

Serena Calabrese, Clelia Codella (Art Director) Matteo Curti, Letizia Cisternino, Alice Ravetta, Simona Russo (Copywriter).

Many European countries adopt a difensive policy to limit the entry of migrants to their countries. Very often the result is the construction of an anti-migrant wall. In Europe there’s a particular wall than the other because it’s located in Ceuta and Melilla, two indipendent Spanish towns in Moroccan land. A 8 and 12 km-long barrier divide the two towns to prevent Moroccans to emigrate to Spain. On 21st september, world peace day, the people of Tanger and Nador transform the wall that divides them into a table that unites them to enjoy together the bread of peace. For the first time the chef Adrià and chef Moha get together to cook a new recipe that combines Maroccan and Spanish flavors. Hereafter a new tradition and a new dish are born, as to share a tradition means to join two peoples.