Reasons Why - Fondazione Accademia Di Comunicazione


Hands-on educational methodology

Competences and skills required to start a career in the Marketing and Communication field must be acquired through hands-on experience, not only books, in order to cope with the extremely rapid changes requiring continual updating.

Accademia di Comunicazione, thanks to programs constantly updated according to job market demand and a teaching staff made up of distinguished professionals, offers its students an educational environment where they acquire skills and a problem-solving mindset through a project-oriented methodology.

Live projects by real companies developed in small teams, including creatives, under the guidance of professionals

Teaching Staff

Accademia di Comunicazione educational approach is based on the ‘learning by doing’ methodology.
That’s why at Accademia the teaching staff is made up exclusively of outstanding professionals in the various fields of Communication: Marketing, Brand, PR and Communication Managers, Creative Directors, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Illustrators and specialists in Visual Communication, Audio and Video Editing from the most important Italian and international organizations.

Full-time? Yes, indeed

From Monday to Friday, the whole day is spent at Accademia di Comunicazione — as in any workplace — during which classes (always practice-oriented) alternate with workshop sessions while, in the final period of all programs, students mainly concentrate on field projects.
We can say that Accademia, because of the amount and quality of time spent in the various activity, becomes a second home for our students, if not actually the first.

Restricted admission

Accademia courses has restricted admission to guarantee the quality of the educational path and allow the teaching staff to follow students through all their steps to build their professional future. Furthermore, the choice of having a restricted number of students aims at best promoting their placement in the professional world.
The demand for professionals in the Communication industry is not unlimited, therefore it is useless to create expectations in the hundreds of aspiring communicators when only a couple of dozen or so find placement in a Company or Agency each year.

Synergy between strategy and creativity

Students from Courses in strategic fields team up with the students from the creativity Courses in the planning and designing of Marketing and Communication projects to realize complete proposals.
Teamwork enhances soft skills and anticipates the environment they will have to face with once entering job.


Accademia di Comunicazione enjoys an excellent reputation in the professional world, and due to this, Companies and Agencies in search of new talents turn directly to the school every year.
At the end of the Courses, internships at Companies, Agencies, Associations and Professional Studios are scheduled for each and every student. Internships subsequently turn into proper jobs and the start of our graduates’ professional career. Placement opportunities are also offered by teachers and former students, many of whom are Creative Directors and Marketing & Communication Managers in Companies and Agencies. To date, Accademia has integrated over 4.500 students into the world of employment, all called upon for a profession which they have prepared for.


All Courses at Accademia di Comunicazione have been acknowledged by the Region of Lombardy since 1992. Accademia di Comunicazione is a Providing Institution for Lifelong Learning as per L.R. 6th August 2007 n. 19.
Courses issue a certificate of competence which certifies professional qualification in line with the directives and regulations of the EU community.

Competences acquired by the students are certified by the Region of Lombardy and are valid within the EU as part of the EUROPEAN QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORK FOR LIFELONG LEARNING (EQF).
The professional world acknowledges Accademia as the best school for the quality of its education which is a guarantee of its graduates’ high levels of preparation.


In order to encourage young people from less affluent families, tuition fees for all post-diploma and postgraduate (Master’s degree) Courses are reduced according to family income.
Students from the Master’s degree Courses may also make use of student loans which allow for repayment starting from a year after the beginning of the Course, with instalment plans of up to seven years and with monthly instalments of just over 200 Euros.