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Master’s degree in Graphic Design and Web Design

An educational path dedicated to graduates or persons with an equivalent job background who have already acquired the essential basics in graphics documentable with the aid of a portfolio, who want to enter the world of Visual Communication for a lead role in graphic design and, because of this, need to acquire specific and concrete competences in order to work in this field.

The Master’s degree begins at the end of September and finishes in May, is full-time (Monday to Friday approximately 8 hours per day) with mandatory attendance.

The Accademia di Comunicazione educational approach is based on the ‘learning by doing’ methodology.

Competences and skills required to start a career in the Graphic Design field must be acquired through hands-on experience not only books in order to cope with the extremely rapid changes requiring continual updating.

That’s why at Accademia the teaching staff is made up exclusively of outstanding professionals in the various fields of Communication: Creative Directors, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Producers , Illustrators and Visual Communication Experts from the most important Italian and international organizations.

Accademia di Comunicazione, thanks to programs constantly updated according to job market demand and close ties with the communication industry, offers its students an educational environment where they acquire skills and a problem-solving mindset through a project-oriented methodology with Live projects set by real companies developed in small teams, pairing up with creatives, under the guidance of professionals.

During the formative path the students realize visual communication projects commissioned in briefings with Companies and non-profit organisations, with guidance from Teachers and tutors.

During the Course, students participate (and win) in the most important national and international awards with guidance from Italian and English Creative Directors:

The One Show College Competition: the New York Art Directors Club Award – The D&AD Student Awards : the British Art Directors Club Award– Spot School Award: The International Mediterranean Award.

The purpose of the Master’s degree is to enable acquisition of a wealth of concrete experiences which will allow participants to realize a final presentation portfolio. Opportunities offered by the world of employment, operating both as freelancers and as collaborators in Agencies or Studios, must be seized in the most effective manner. In this sense, presentation of a good portfolio is the first step towards a fully-satisfied professional career.

Disciplines encountered throughout the year are set to investigate and master all application environments of Visual Communication and are developed in three main areas: Graphics Area, Digital Media Area, Project Culture Area.


At the end of the Course, internships at Companies, Agencies, Associations and Professional Studios are scheduled for each and every student. Internships subsequently turn into proper jobs and the start of their professional career.

Those who attend the Graphic Design Master’s Course may work as:

– Graphic Designers

– Digital & Interactive Media Designers

Fees are reduced according to family income.

Participants may also make use of student loans.

Technological skills: excellent knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Practical experience: in order to gain admittance to the Master’s degree in Graphic Design one must also have, besides technological skills, practical experience in the field of graphics.

Those who may gain admittance to the Master’s degree are graduates, undergraduates or people with an equivalent job background.

Assessment of participation in a two-year course is possible for those who want to partake in the degree but do not meet all the necessary requirements though having a good starting point.

An appointment for an admissions interview of mutual acquaintance and motivational assessment must be fixed in order to attend the course.

Admission is subject to the check of the portfolio as proof of the experience acquired.

The course issues a certificate of competence which certifies professional qualification in line with the directives and regulations of the EU community.

Competences acquired throughout this course are certified by the Region of Lombardy and are valid within the EU as part of the EUROPEAN QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORK FOR LIFELONG LEARNING (EQF).

Owing to both its history and the quality of the formative method the Course has obtained the patronage of the Italian Art Directors club.