History - Fondazione Accademia Di Comunicazione


Accademia di Comunicazione was established in Milan on the 7th November 1988 with the aim of realizing an education, research and innovation project in the field of visual and persuasive Communication (marketing, communication, public relations, advertising, media management, graphic design and all technologies relating to these careers).

On May 9, 2008 Accademia becomes Foundation foundation.

The Accademia di Comunicazione Foundation spreads a Communication culture based on ethical values, promotes and implements education in the arts and the communication area, enhances and supports professionals and researchers in this area in line with its statute.

The Accademia di Comunicazione Foundation has adopted an Ethical code of conduct according to art.6 of the D. Lgs. 231/01, which defines all values recognized, approved and shared in the execution of such activity. The pedagogical method is based on the “workshop” concept, since the “workshop” is the place that the majority of today’s professionals grew up in — from original mothers/fathers to the latest generation. Communication professions (Strategic, Creative) were in fact born in the field, changing through time in order to keep up with changes in market, social values and consumer needs.

The ‘workshop’ method provides a sound professional culture, a mindset specifically geared towards Communication and the ability to convert acquired professional knowledge into real skills. The work done by Accademia students during the Courses consists in communication projects, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, graphic projects, websites for public bodies, non-profit organizations, corporations and companies, carried out under the guidance and supervision of Professionals.

At the end of the Courses Accademia organizes an internship at companies and/or Agencies for every student, where to strengthen the practical skills they acquired during their Course and start their own professional career.

The rate of those entering employment has always been 100%. The intense exchange and continuous collaboration which tie Accademia to the communication industry allow its students to find suitable placement in the world of employment.
The Accademia di Comunicazione Foundation is an accredited Institution of permanent professional education as per Regional Law 6 August 2007 n. 19.
Courses issue professional certification which certifies attained professional qualification in accordance with community directives and regulations of the EU.